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Born in Trieste, Italy, in 1975, Federica Ragusin won the first and third prize for color and second prize for black and white photography in a 1994 competition titled "Trieste: Luoghi e Mestieri che scompaiono", organized by Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

She has mantained the photo archives of the Agency Grazia Neri SrL in Milan, she obtained the Workshop SINAR diploma certified by Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and in 1998 she was invited to participate in a six month internship in Florence at the Fratelli Alinari. When she moved back to Trieste, she started working for the Musei Civici as a photographer, printed images for museum archive, and photographed Trieste architecture for museum needs and exhibition.

From June to September 2000, she completed an internship at the National Geographic Society headquarters in Washington, DC, and studied at the Corcoran School of Art. Since then, Federica has traveled extensively throughout the United States photographing modern and contemporary architecture.

In June 2002, The Istituto Italiano di Cultura has extended its patronage to her first solo show in the United States "Time Travels in Italy" at the Gary Edwards Gallery in Dupont Circle.

Federica, showed her works also in "The View", a collective exhibit on Capitol Hill in June 2002. She uses both medium and 35 mm cameras and hand-develops and hand-prints all her images.

Federica has been requested for other exhibits and she will show her works in the United States. She now divides her time and photographic work between New York and Trieste (Italy).

In 2002, after attending a Web Design course, she literally fell in love with web design, graphics arts, and the Internet world. Since then, she furthered her web design knowledge and skills by working on several major projects as a freelancer and design artist.


Atlantix Media Networks


concept, logo, design, flash animation


photoshop, illustrator, html, css, flash




Trieste, June 2001:

Publication of the Marzocchini's photographs she printed in the book "Corpi di Donna, finzioni e messe in scena", Gaspari Editore June 2001

Trieste, June 1999:

Photographic collaboration for the catalog of "Le donne di Giacomo" an exhibition on the female world in Joyce's Trieste

Trieste, February 1999:

Photographs published in the book "Monument to Discover, Monument to Save". Pg. 86-87

Milan, 1998

Penkala's Penn photograph published in the May-June 1998 edition of Vivi il Grande Mondo della Penna Magazine N.26, Year VI, Milan 1998.

Trieste, March 1997

Photographic collaboration for the magazine "Rotaract Chronicle News" Pg 45 Bulletin n. 2, January-February-March 1998.


Washington DC, October 18th 2002

Solo Show titled "Reagan Steel & Stone" at the Capitol Hill Art & Frame Gallery

Washington DC, June 27th 2002:

Collective exhibit titled "The View" at the Results Gallery

Washington DC, June 7th 2002:

Solo Show titled "Time Travels in Italy" at the Gary Edwards Gallery

Piacenza, Italia, May 2000:

Collective exhibit at the Studio Jelmoni Gallery in May 2000 (Piacenza, Italy)

Muggia, Italy, March 2000:

Received award for photograph presented at the competition

Muggia, Italy, March 1999:

Received award for photograph presented in the competition

Trieste, Italy June 1994:

First and third prize for the color section and second prize for the black and white section. The competition titled "Trieste: Places and Jobs that Disappear", was organized by a regional association

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Brescia, Italy

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